Our Well Woman Clinic serves with all the needs to take care of the process of ageing. When women reach the age of 40 there are a lot of metabolism changes which happens in their bodies!Our team of experts would guide you through the entire process

#mondaymotivation- Motherhood, an influence beyond comparison for human life!!! The only bond which is sublime, pure & unconditional. Let us begin this week on respecting our Mother & the woman in the mother!!!Visit us today @ www.tamarahealthcare.

#babytips- What the baby gets is what the mom intakes.As mothers we need to ensure that we have extremely nutritious food when feeding the baby. any wrong nutrition for the mother may have a negative impact on the growing child.Green veggies help h

#babytips- All child care requires is patience & persistence! Be at it, the more we spend time the better & happier is the child's journey!Visit us today @ www.tamarahealthcare.com for all your motherhood needs or call us @ +918880099300/ 080-23370

We have One very strong guiding vision- To make Womanhood Painfree ! We understand the needs of a would be mother! Visit us @ www.tamarahealthcare.com and witness the facilities for yourselves!#motherhood #womanhood #tamara

#diaperfacts- It is always advisable to use cloth diapers for new borns. Essentially they need to be cleaned up before use. This ensures the child is away from any kind of infections.Visit us today @ www.tamarahealthcare.com or call us @ +91888009

Our World at Tamara revolves around mother & babies! We just love babies & we do everything to take care of them while in the womb!Visit us today @ www.tamarahealthcare.com for all your motherhood needs or call us @ +918880099300/ 080-23370781.#b

#didyouknow #babyfacts- Babies have Superhuman Strength.While a cherished moment for parents, a newborn’s first firm grasp on a parent’s finger is really just a reflex. Babies will instinctively curl their tiny fingers around any object that brushe

#babyfacts #didyouknow- Babies are the only creatures in this world which have been gifted with the unique capacity of breathing & swallowing at the same time! Indeed God's creation is wonderful.Visit us today @ www.tamarahealthcare.com for all y

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